Interior sanitation

We have the right Environmental Sanitisation solutions for your specific needs, small rooms (25 sqm), bigger rooms (up to 250 sqm) and for outdoors.

The BKM LINE guarantees constant sanitisation and durability with very low maintenance. The BKM has a room and surface sanitisation unit, which eliminates the need for constant sanitisation in the
first 90 minutes of use, 99% of viruses present in the environment. It uses state-of-the-art technology used in US aerospace stations.

The line of NEBULIZERS is extremely versatile and is also suitable for outdoor use, all accompanied by cleaners and sanitisers suitable for every surface. Nebulizers and sprays for every need:
Durable and ergonomic, the Nebulizers and Sprays are the most effective tools for quick disinfection of small areas (small warehouses, dressing rooms and theatre tailor’s shops, changing rooms, small internal production areas etc).